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One of the coolest things that I would love to do is whistle with my fingers. My math teacher can do it really loud and it’s quite impressive honestly. She only does it when a student falls asleep in her class so you could say she does it every day because people seriously go to sleep. It’s usually the same exact student that goes to sleep and he honestly could give no craps about that class. You would think because its honors he would work somewhat hard for a good grade but I guess not. I most certainly work hard because I need to get into a good college and to do that I need good grades.

So am I the only one who misses old memories or people? Like you wish you could bring them back into your life and just talk to them. I would absolutely love to talk to the some of the people in my past just because some of them made a massive impact on who I am today. I have come to realize that without some of those people I would not know nearly any of the things that I know today. I’m not talking about just friendships. It can be teachers that I loved teaching me. I can point out at the very least four teachers who I wish I could talk to and just tell them how much I have changed. I actually was a really bad kid. I don’t have the best past but midway through this past summer I changed in a big way. I don’t do nearly any of the things that I did back then and I’m straight up ashamed that I can say I did those things. But we learn from our mistakes and I’m not going to sit and look back at the past when I live in the present. I think that is some people’s biggest mistake with being happy or finding themselves. A lot of people remanence on their past and become angry with themselves for making such foolish mistakes. I personally think this is the wrong way to finding who you really are and becoming happy. Life is all about living in the present and foreshadowing what we want to do or become in the future. If you look in the past you will only continue to be your past self but if you live in the present you will better yourself for the future.  

So I’m supposed to be doing homework but who honestly has time for that? I mean I’m a teenager; I live to procrastinate on everything. I literally procrastinate every single night on doing homework. I always wait till the last moment to do it. I honestly just need a homework partner because that is the only way I will ever get my work done. It sounds silly but when I’m facetiming someone and we are just chilling and I can talk and do my homework I get my work done. I don’t have the motivation to do it without other people. Like the person I’m facetiming doesn’t even have to be doing homework, they can literally be doing anything and that’s completely fine with me. So if someone wants to hit me up and volunteer to facetime me daily during homework you should leave a comment or something. You could be a major impact on my motivation with homework. So help a great cause like this. Tonight I have to write at least a two page paper on gosh knows what. I have to write about some made up character and create an entire life plan for this dude. I’m really creative but like I said before, I’m not motivated to start. The homework is based off the book called “the alchemist”. I genuinely enjoyed the book. I was the first one done with the book and I kind of hated it because for an entire week I had literally nothing to do in class. I wish Paulo would write a second part to the book but I know that will not happen. In my opinion it should be about what Santiago does with the treasure and his journey back across the desert to the oasis to get back to Fatima. Like it could be a huge story on how he has this treasure and the tribal wars have become very bad and spread into the towns and they are looking for Santiago to get his treasure. Santiago doesn’t know that they are looking for him because the tribal leaders have spies that know of Santiago but Santiago’s only mission is to get to Fatima but finds himself trying to battle an army.   I don’t know but that sounds like a good story in my opinion.

So today was in the seventies. Let me just state that that hasn’t happened since it started to get cold. I miss this weather but I wish I could set the temperature to sixty-five and it would stay that way, just because that is the perfect weather to play soccer in. It would be especially great with a nice cool breeze. I hate super-hot summer days when you are about to puke because of the heat. The heat gives me a massive headache when mixed with running. I feel like I am about to pass out and that is not okay.

Well that is just about it for today. I will continue to keep yall updated as I continue with my journey through life.

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  1. Hey! I’m up for being your homework buddy, depending on time zones and I don’t have FaceTime, so we would have to use something else like Skype. I procrastinate too, so I’d be good to have someone to tell me to do my homework and I might say to remain quiet for a few seconds if I’m solving something because I can’t talk to someone else at the same time, even though I’m a good multitasker in everything else. Just comment here on your own thing if you’re interested and I’ll check back later ^-^

  2. I love the chaos in all your posts. It gives off this fun vibe about you. 🙂

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