Easter’s Promise

So beautiful and springlike out there!  Goodness me that is exciting.  I love that both Spring and Easter are just around the corner. 


I know, I know I keep writing about my mom and her death but I’m pondering it all, stretching my mind and my faith, seeking meaning and solace (not sympathy per say)


Anyhow there are so many ways we mark time.  One thing I’m usually somewhat aware of anyhow, is the liturgical calendar.  And so I love the way the rhythm of it flows so well with the rhythm of my life this year.  Fat Tuesday…always one last indulgence.  This was the day that we buried my  mom.  Hardly a day of indulgence but a day to eat the cake and sooth oneself.  What I am keenly aware of is that the next day was Ash Wednesday.  The beginning of lent.  40 days of penance, of mournful contemplation.  Much like grieving in a way.  And then of utmost importance lent ends with the triumph of Easter Sunday.  He is risen!  And he has promised life eternal to all who rest in him.  And this the hope for my mom and all the saints. 

I don’t know I just think the timing was a lovely God thing. 

2 thoughts on “Easter’s Promise”

  1. My heartfelt sympathies to you on the loss of your mom. It’s still so fresh and you should write about it ALL you want, any time you want.
    Peace to you.

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