My mother gave me a birthstone ring for my birthday in January.  I wear it all the time.  A garnet.  She didn’t buy it online or at Walmart, she went to the Mall to a jewelry store.  When I was growing up, my dad was absentee and sent no child support.  My grandmother raised me because Mom had to work 6 days a week and we went to church on Sundays and then she slept most of the afternoon.  But I know she loves me—-if not then, then now. The ring represents her love.  I will always cherish it.

5 thoughts on “Ring”

  1. How lovely Grace. Interesting insight into your upbringing. I am certain your dear mom has always loved you. The ring is a lifetime treasure!

  2. I love jewelry with sentiment behind it. Makes it priceless!!!

    I have ruby for a birth stone (July). My mom use to take the economic route and buy me garnet jewlry instead. “Pretend it’s ruby,” she’d tell me. So I did and love it all the same.

  3. My mother gave me a birthstone ring when I was 13. A heart cut crushed diamond ring it was her favorite ring. She had it as long as I can remember and she gave it to me! I have worn it every day sense for the last almost 18 years. It now fits on my pinky instead of my ring finger which is not bad considering my birth stone is diamond lol its less confusing on the pinky.

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