The more I learn about ADD the more I realize that I am probably a textbook case myself. I’ve just gone undiagnosed all these years. I begin to wonder if all the self loathing I did as a child and as an adult- because I couldn’t keep focused on anything – lead to the depression that I have been treating for the past 18 years. I know I’m intelligent. I earned decent grades in primary school. But I floundered miserably in college. I got through. I graduated. But it was an uphill battle the entire way. I want to learn. I go into a course of study, or a new job guns a-blazing ready to take it on – until I am all of a sudden so over loaded with information that I have not idea where to start. Its the same with work. I interview well for jobs. I have gotten almost every job I have interviewed for. I present myself professionally and intelligently. Then I get into the meat of it and I drown.     

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  1. Your blog makes a lot of sense. Maybe the next step is to accept that you have ADD and reverse your self-recrimination and LIKE yourself. You are as God made you. Your ADD is a learning disorder—-yet, look at you—-graduated from college. You DID the hard work. You made it! Maybe consult someone about what kinds of jobs don’t require intense organizational skills or a lot of pressure. You’ll find your niche.
    Blessings to you!

  2. I’ve been there… I was dx’ed with ADHD until I was in high school. It wasn’t a big thing when I was a kid. My grades were good, but I was also a big distraction to others around me. I always have tons of unfinished projects and sometimes I just can’t shut up. The worst is when someone raises an eyebrow at me and asks “Do you have ADHD?”. I guess it’s obvious.

    I’ve taken medication for it in the past and I hated it. Now I embrace it. I have energy. I’m upbeat. I can multitask like no one else. Sure I’m loud and can easily get distracted, but it is something that I DO have control over it because I’m aware of it.

  3. Like you I came to an awareness of my ADHD late in life. It makes us f
    Different not less than. I was a great student. The work world not so much h. Now I have a job that fits me. I have been there nine years! For me a major accomplishment. Like theresagodess I just embrace it as part of who I am. Good luck sweet pea.

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