Almost in blossom

Look out and see how wonderful the world is becoming :)) look at the sky and feel peace. I know people may lie but nature has nothing in common with it :)) the sky is like a heart in which there’s no detestation ..there is only hope , silence and sincerity. 

Spring is coming everywhere…in my yard..on trees. On the sky…in my heart and in my brain.. I feel how smart i become everyday and it drives me insane when i see all my efforts weren’t lost with any direction. I feel i can become one of the best and with my round-the-clock studying i really reach my goal… Imagining to get 100% grant is enough to make me tremble. And this tremble is pleasant as much as i don’t even feel like sleeping when it’s time to. 

I aspire to blossom all my knowledge in my brain and heart…thats not only preparation for exams , that’s getting to realize some facts in life about which I’ve never ever thought before:)) 

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