Day 13 – Fangirling and Shakespeare

Wednesday, March 9th 2016

So our teacher wrote “2013” instead of “2016” on the board the other day. That’s basically the only interesting thing that happened in a few days.

One of my friends are gone on vacation for March break, so is a lot of people. Because of that nothing much has been happening with me or around me. I suppose one of my friends was acting a little crazy, because usually when you’re tired you’re crazy, so that was funny. She kept trying to sing the X-Files music, but messed up every time.

Oh, and I’m fangirling over a new character : Edward Nygma from the Gotham TV series, except I can’t anymore, because I’ve watched all the episodes on Netflix and the ones airing on TV are only the most recent episodes, so that’d be skipping a season or two. It stopped when all the characters have developed too, I was looking forward to seeing what will happen to them, although I know a couple of spoilers by googling some things about the series. I always end up doing that.

Oh well, I still have Deathly Hallows Part 1 (edit*: meant part 2) tomorrow to watch, then I have nothing to watch at all other than possibly catching up with The Shannara Chronicles.

Oh, we’ve started reading Romeo and Juliet. There are many innuendos in the beginning… But other than that, it reminded me that I still know my lines from the Merchant of Venice: Act I, Scene 1 (I might spell things wrong or not say it exactly right, because I’m writing by memory)

Salerio: My wind cooling my broth, would blow me to an ague when I thought, what harm a wind too great might do at sea. I shall not see my sandy hourglass run, but I shall think of shallows and of flats, and see my wealthy Andrew docked in sand, veiling her high tops lower than her ribs to kiss her burial. Shall I go to church and see the holy edifice of stone, and not bethink me straight of dangerous rocks, which touching my gentle’s vessel side would scatter all her spices on the stream, enrobe the roaring waters in her silks, and in a word, and even now worth this, and now worth nothing? Shall I have the thought to think on this and shall I lack the thought of such a thing bechanced would make me sad? But tell not me, I know Antonio, is sad to think upon his merchandise.

So yeah. I love Shakespeare compared to other people in my class.

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 13 – Fangirling and Shakespeare”

  1. Have you read the entire HP series yet, or are you starting from the movies? Personally, I cried during each of the movies from Goblet of Fire onwards; so if you’re also a teary person, maybe you could get a box of tissues while you watch Deathly Hallows!

  2. (PrettyInBlack) I have started from the movies, but I do plan on reading them! Although I’m a teary person, I did not cry, because I am watching them with a new friend (which I don’t feel comfortable crying in front yet) and unfortunately know quite a few spoilers, so I couldn’t get attached to characters like Sirius. But I still like them nonetheless! (oh and I meant part 2, whoops)

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