Bruh, I have a test tomorrow and now look what I’m doing…. -_- I’m wasting my time…

Yeah, great. 

Well, just want to say that I felt lonely as hell cause I sit at the very back of the class and sadly I don’t have any close friends that I can talk with…

I’m just too damn shy 

My self-esteem is too low.. and that’s sucks but  even though I felt lonely….

I like being alone 

Not being alone all the time but I think sometimes being alone is very calming and unstressful

I’m introvert or what?

Meh, I’m sleepy now.

Good night to…me?

5 thoughts on “Exam”

  1. Your self esteem is not low, and its okay to be a little shy. There are times we’d all rather be alone. Trust me there’s tons of people in that class who feel exactly the same way you do. Say hi to the person u sit next to and ask for their notes. Stay positive. Forget about looking awkward or whatever and just be yourself and enjoy life. Remember ure all students so they’re no better than you.

  2. Thanks for the motivation. However, I think they don’t feel the same way as I do. I mean when I try to talk to them I could see their faces. They look at me like I’m some kind of alien or a freak. So… :-

  3. I used to feel like that. I’m 20 now so I’m not in school anymore but it gets better. That sounds like horse shit everyone around you might be trying hand feed you. But It gets better. Life cant be and isn’t lonely forever. Well, it is if you’re a scrooge.

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