I am struggling today! Had an insecure moment last night in my relationship and instead of dwelling on it and working myself up I made the decision to call my boyfriend and try to talk about it! Wrong answer! Doing that only pissed him off and made things worse, then my anxiety kicked in and I was in bitch mode. I acted completely dumb by lashing out the way that I did but I hate the fact that he disrespects me by hanging up on me and calling me bipolar just because I wanted to talk to him rather than assume and make things worse(or so I though would have made things worse). Every time that we fight he tells me it’s over. He is almost 31 and I will be 29 in a few weeks, and we have three kids. I don’t think that just because we fight and I piss him off once in a while means that he needs to keep “breaking up with me”. Wonder why I am not secure in this relationship? Anyhow that was my vent for the day!

5 thoughts on “Struggling”

  1. You deserve someone who listens to you and cares. That is part of feeling secure in a relationship. Hopefully you can get through to him without him threatening to end things. If not maybe you should find someone who will listen and make you feel safe and secure x

  2. Self-Pollution, I am happy for the most part, it is the random outbursts that completely throw me off! I do understand his perspective, but at the same time he needs to understand mine which he is not willing to do!

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