Texas is a nice state.

Isn’t it?

I wouldn’t know.

I’ve never been there.

My brother has lived there for seven (eight?) years, since he graduated from college (Texas A&M) and found a job in Austin. My sister lived there for two years and goes back in the summer, to stay with my brother. And now I’m going to move there, too.


But I shouldn’t be worried, right? Texas is a nice state. Or so I presume. Let me see, what do I know about Texas? Well, it’s hot and dry and really REALLY big and there are lots of wide-open spaces, and it borders Mexico, and apparently people there are supposed to have strong accents (that’s probably just a stereotype) and there were cowboys and ranches and tough old longhorn cows there, and um there’s Tex-Mex food, and not many people, and it’s in the Bible Belt, and there are big hats and big boots (probably just another old stereotype of The Wild West) and uh it’s the Lone Star State and…uh…yeah that’s about it.

I know nothing about it.

Aside from the things I can search up online, like how big exactly Texas is and how large its population is and all that official stuff, I can’t really know about it. Because I’ve never been to Texas. The southernmost state I’ve ever gone to is Florida–when I was four/five and was taken to Disney World. I was born in Virginia, went to Florida once, and briefly landed in San Francisco when I was switching airplanes while coming to this godforsaken place in China. Have I been to any other states??? No, I don’t think I have, not ever. 

I’ve gone to more provinces in China than states in the US. I live in Hubei, lived in Changsha (the capital of Hunan) for several months, have visited Nanchang (capital of Jiangxi) several times, gone to Guangzhou and Shenzhen in Guangdong, briefly visited Guangxi, have gone to Macau (only for like, two days though–it’s a tiny place and there are extravagant casinos), and gone shopping in Hong Kong (lovely city when there aren’t people rioting).

But I’ve never been to Texas.

And now I will go. In about four/five months. And enroll in Hell–I MEAN HIGH SCHOOL and work hard so I can go to a nice college (preferably in New York City, a city I want to go to–or just a big city, somewhere that’s kind of cold so I have an excuse to stay indoors and not be athletic). I would like to major in Language Interpretation and Translation, because I have a very high interest in translating things properly (it makes me upset when people translate Chinese, or English, wrong, because they misunderstand certain idioms and proverbs and figures of speech). Majoring to be a foreign language teacher would also be nice; I think I could teach both English and Chinese

But I’m getting off track here.

Will I love Texas? Will Texas become the home I miss when I sail off to college? Or will I hate Texas? Will I hate the wide open skies and the huge spaces and the culture and the people? Will I be able to adjust to life there? Will I be able to actually make friends there? WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN ONCE I MOVE TO TEXAS??

I. Don’t. Know.

If anyone here has been to Texas, or lives there, I would appreciate it if you would tell me a little bit about it and convince me that it’s horrible/awesome. Even if you haven’t been to Texas, it would be great if you could give me some advice on what to do once I get there. Otherwise, just have a nice day and stay cool.

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  1. I’ve lived here my whole life. There are some good things but it’s not some place with cowboys walking around on horses. It’s a modern society, many of us are losing the southern accent. It’s true that just about everything is big here. Also it is terribly hot here in the summer in central Texas, be warned.

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