The end is near..

I feel so tired today.. but there’s no specific reasons to be tired of.. so I took a nap after school.. and as usual I woke up past 9.. I haven’t eaten dinner yet and it’s already past 10pm.. I don’t feel like eating.. but I will anyway coz I need to.. 

Nothing special happened in particular.. coz we don’t have classes in some subjects so some of our classmates didn’t came back in the afternoon.. it was only few of us who attended our afternoon classes but we came back at 3pm.. and we missed a 50 item  test in math.. most of us did.. we don’t have classes really coz the exams are done and we only need to attend our classes for our attendance that will be needed for the signing of our clearance.. 

Since we don’t have anything to discuss in our English class.. our teacher requires us to do an activity everyday.. it will be required for our clearance.. it’s fun though.. we enjoy it.. next time we will be making a scrapbook that we will give to our best friends since we will be moving up soon.. it makes me both sad and happy at the same time.. 

This great chapter of my life will soon end.. every time I come to think of it.. a lot of emotions coming in.. a lot happened in just a school year.. there’s  a lot of good things to remember.. 

5 thoughts on “The end is near..”

  1. Ah so lovely to read positive stuff and happy stuff! “The end is near” girlfriend you scared the crap out of me, lol!
    With your attitude you will go far my friend.

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