We cant pray for the weather but we can scientificaly modify it.

      I have two young kids, I love them deeply and like most other mothers want the to grow up intelligent, wise and destined for great things. I also know that creativity and imagination is the cornerstone for this. Without creativity the world would not and will not progress. Sadly most adults have lost all imagination. I am talking about having the ability to wonder, to think outside of your world and what is happing right now. The ability to not only retain information of what is taught to you by others but to create your own thoughts and ideas. 

Schools teach our kids the alphabet and how to counts to 100. They teach how to identify colors and shapes. These are all things they will learn in life rather we try to teach them these things or not.

Schools also teach, glue the white cotton balls on the sheep, color inside of the lines, water is blue and fish live inside of the water and birds fly in the sky.

I WILL NOT TEACH MY KIDS TO COLOR INSIDE THE LINES!!!!! Teaching a child to color inside of the lines takes away there creativity. Creativity is curtail to the human race and our life as we know it. To take away ones creativity is to take away there intelligence. As a whole we are raising our children to become artificial life forms not unique intelligent individuals to progress the forward movement of the earth.

I WILL TEACH MY CHILDREN there art is beautiful inside and outside of the lines. I will teach my children that it is okay to imagine water can be purple fish can fly and birds life under the sea. 

As adults we should try live this way as well. To think and create for our selves. What if I wake up tomorrow and a magical fairy with pink butterfly wings spits fire into my soul and I then become a mermaid? Sound silly? well its not. It is important and intelligent to think like this.

Come on people are we forgetting the world is full of infinite possibilities. Answering questions right or wrong is not the most important thing. Asking questions is the most important thing.   

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