Day 14 – Doing nothing for more than an hour

Thursday, March 10th 2016

Today was not as interesting, but fun to say the least. I didn’t do much, but it was relaxing.

I started off with English class and we discussed some new things about Romeo and Juliet, but not all that much.

Then I had science class; our teacher didn’t show up. I think she was supposed to be absent and the sub did not show up. This is the second time it happens. Some people talked, some people worked, I on the other hand had nothing to do, so I was searching up some new rock music, my main genre at the moment. I also like the violin, dubstep/electronic music, metal, anime openings/vocaloids and small variety (and don’t like country music and a lot of popular, but there are exceptions). We “surprisingly did not burn the class down” (quote from a teacher who walked in). Though she entered when the class was ending, so she said she won’t tell anyone which surprised us all. I would like to have her as a teacher (but not to replace my science teacher because she’s cool too).

Then I had lunch, showed the music I found to my best friend; skip ahead.

I had art and we were about to paint a chromatic circle (and I wasn’t interested), but luckily I was brought to my french clinic (to prepare for the big french exam you need to pass high school, since I go to a french school).

And I ended with french class, where I made some ideas on what to animate for my poem (project).

So yeah, today was fun and relaxing. I’m leaving to my friend’s to watch Deathly Hallows part 2 later.

These are the songs I found by the way, if you’re into rock :

That’s all for today.

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