Half day..

We don’t have classes in the afternoon so we went to our classmate’s house.. which we always do whenever we don’t have classes in the afternoon.. we watched movies.. it was only 4 of us but it was fun though.. 

Nothing much happened today..  tomorrow we also don’t have classes… but we still have to come to school in the morning at 10 maybe.. that’s our only class the whole day…I don’t know where we’ll be in the afternoon.. it’s all better unplanned..

I saw my classmate way back from elementary earlier.. she was one of the best friends I have.. she was like an older sister to me.. after 4 years we saw each other again.. but that was just fast coz I had to go home.. and on the way home.. I saw my mother and our eldest sister.. I wasn’t expecting to see them.. so I went home with them.. they knew that I didn’t have classes.. it’s not a big deal actually.. I always tell my mother where I have been or whenever we don’t have classes.. 

I remembered yesterday.. I have this one classmate.. let’s just say she is so huggable.. I always pinch her in the arms or I would hug her.. yesterday.. I was hugging her tightly.. we were still in our classroom.. my friend joined and so did our other classmates.. we were saying group hug altogether.. one of our chubby classmate joined too.. and we were  off balanced.. we almost fell thanks for the chairs we didn’t.. we just laughed at it.. our teacher asked us what was that all about coz she is busy on something I don’t know about.. they all chanted my name.. and I was like.. oops.. I just silently walked with my head down to get away from the crowd and to the sight of our teacher pretending that I don’t have anything to do with it.. we were all just laughing.. my friend searched for me from the crowd and was surprised to see me far from the others.. she just laughed at me coz I got away easily when I was the one who started it..

As I remember it I can’t help but laugh.. 

Next week we’ll be starting to practice for our moving up.. time indeed flies when you’re enjoying the moment..

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