I needed a break

Just graduated from college in December and I’m now living with my boyfriend, without a job. But I haven’t really been looking. I haven’t felt like working. I went through so much just to get this degree. Emotional trauma, housing problems, family issues, personal health problems, breaups, & everything else life felt like throwing at me.                                  

I just want to rest and I’ve done just that these past few months. A part of me hates the fact that I have absolutely nothing to do all day but silly daily shit but another part of me is loving this time off so much. I’m only a little scared that I’ll get too comfortable and never find a job lol.

I also miss my family so much. Its so damn hard being an immigrant. I haven’t laid eyes on my mother in about 6years now. I rarely see my siblings. I keep very few friends.

I guess I just wanted to use this journal entry to vent to anyone but my boyfriend or best friend. 

PS my break needs to end asap cos the bills are piling up lol😇


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