Magnesium and the Wonder of It All-Are You Heart Healthy?

A couple years ago, I researched magnesium because my heart doctor said it was good for heart rhythm. I bought a weak magnesium oxide and it did not work. I researched until I found different forms of magnesium, and there are several. Some make you have the runs but not as much with the one I take. Anyway my heart arrhythmias were driving me crazy and the beta blockers seemed to “poop out” (or no longer work). 

Magnesium was helping the irregular heart beats be less, much less, or not as strong. I was and still convinced this is a magnesium deficiency and I wanted to correct it. Well, I took for granted this miracle mineral we ALL need in our bodies for many months and the heart palpitations or arrhythmias got worse again, real bad. I knew all my doctor would do for like the fourth time was to strap me with a Holter monitor for 24 hours and I did not want to go through that hell. What makes that so bad? The sticky pads the electrodes are connected to on my skin!

Well, since I got back on the magnesium it was only a matter of hours before I felt better. Then over days time I am calming down more and more and the chaos in my chest is settling down. I feel some of the flutters from time to time but it doesn’t feel like a hand pulling my heart out of my chest. I should have never stopped the mag. I started at about the age of ten with these things and it got worse and worse in my thirties. 

Lately I wondered why it got worse. Awhile back I started having acid reflux and my practitioner said to take an over the counter acid blocker and I had been taking it for a few months which relieved some of my stomach issues. She had told me long term use could cause iron deficiency… (yeah, just lovely) and that iron levels would need to be checked every six months. 

Another thing to worry about. Well I learned something else. Those acid blockers can deplete magnesium…omg…. as if I already didn’t have the problem. I feel like I know more than my doctors for some solutions. So I only take the acid blocker when I am having heartburn and not every single day. I take other supplements, have magnesium oil and lotions, yes it soaks into the pores of your skin and into your blood stream. Why do you think Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) relaxes you in a bath?

Anyway, these doctors are only interested in synthetic medications. Maybe some of it is good. I believe in good doctors but I also believe in “half-caring” doctors. I’m fed up with the meds and wanna find a way to stop this. levothyroxine, and a benzo for anxiety. Which I love when I NEED it. And that metoprolol…. barely does anything for the heart. I feel bad for the child in me who grew up not knowing magnesium could have helped.

I have spent countless years, wasting my life away having no real life because of my heart and the anxiety it causes. This is not some random delusion in my head. The supplement works. When I started up again on it, I  felt better. Got behind a few days the “monsters” returned. I had not realized that I had stopped until they were that bad!

I’m not saying go out and buy a bottle of magnesium if you have not seen a doctor for years or months. If you know your health and there is nothing stopping you from taking it like kidney issues, then it might help you. Go to the doctor, get blood work just to check your overall health. See a heart doctor if you don’t have one. Don’t let this ruin your life. There are hundreds of other conditions magnesium can help you with. I have to say….. don’t hesitate. 


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