Mid-Day Entry because I’m bored..

My Cardiologist was worried about some results from the last test. So, I’m hooked up to mini ECG machine for a week. I have to wear it non-stop and the kids are scared because they think I’m a robot lol

Every time I feel light headed, dizzy, palpitations, increased heart rate etc. I have to report it or they alert me to see if I’m fine.

Today when I got home from my Rheumatologists office, my little brother decided we should have a contest.. To see who could hold their breath the longest.. HaHA!!

My heart rate got so low the machine, monitor and even my cell phone started ringing like crazy! A nurse was calling my cell phone to check on me and I had to explain what happened and get lectured on how that was a bad idea from a stranger.. 😆

The little monitor kept asking if I needed an ambulance..

I’m still not sure if I should be finding this funny orrrrr….

I don’t know. But I wonder what would happen if my Heart Rate were to increase 😏 How would I explain THAT situation! Heh

Better not even play around with this lmao

(I know its a serious thing but with everything going on a little laughter for me is huge)

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