I am leaving to Puerto Rico in…maybe in 10-11 hours. I am a little nervous since I have to finish so much work today before the 3rd quarter ends. Can’t wait to hug my grandma so tight. And visit Mr.Tyrone (my English teacher). I’m thinking my cousins and I (all of them are boys) are going to shoot stuff and ride motorcycles in mud. Anyways, my grades are probably gonna drop a little but that’s fine. I mean, I’m pretty smart *mentally flips hair*

I saw Sam two days ago. He’s growing a beard…and it doesn’t look bad on him. Trust my opinion; I have a weird obsession with beards. We had fun at Stake n’ Shake. Although, he ate my food and drank from my cup. I swear I thought I was going to break his jaw. And I punched him in the jaw. Because I can. We hugged and he kissed my hand… It felt okay.. W are okay. I mean, we are not back together. Plus, I don’t want to think about it during my trip.

So this will be my last entry for a while… I am gonna miss this. Hell, I have a notebook I am fine. Bye!


Young & Unafraid by The Moth & The Flame

Inheritance by Harriet

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