All I want is to breathe freely
as I gaze up to the night sky,
sometimes with stars I can see

I’m done just staring out my window,
not with the walls always closing in around me
There are more I need to know, places I want to go

Not much you can really tell
I’m not here for your private show,
so don’t start making my life a living hell

You think you own this world
You think you know me well
You treat me like I’m some rebellious little girl

This claustrophobia in an open space
you’ve managed to create
just to put me in disgrace

Let’s face it; your bloated ego has caused you to hate
Shame on you to always cause a scene
catcalling me just to make you feel great

How ‘man enough’ do you think you’ve been,
when all I do is mind my own business,
but to you – I’m nothing more than a mere object to be seen?

Don’t be so anxious
This is also my night, bro
No point in throwing a fit
or acting like a dog in heat
Don’t we share this planet equally,
or do I even need your permission to breathe?

Get a grip
Get it over with
If my existence outside alone at night really bothers you,
you need to find other, better things to do!



(Jakarta, 8/3/2016 – 12:05 pm)

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