The Great and the Willing

       Almighty empress am I. Down bellow the billowing winds and rays of light projected through grains of glass created from my sands. Little specks of truth handed down like an old kings soul. She did not notice. Truth be told neither did I. He didn’t breathe, there was no need. Stories outline the maps we look at every day which only becomes visible after dark. Midnight magic causes cramp. Dreary dwells the sound. Hushing for the sake of the baby. The sounds of the whom. A sarcophagus nailed shut keeps the pressure. Let it be my dear let it be. Sakes are short, lines wiggle; with this candle life is simple. Adventure is simple, a grand expedition easy does it. No need to see the end. It doesn’t matter. Grave warnings, giggling groups of fish. “Where did my head go?” “did you check under the bed?” I did I did it wasn’t there” “how about behind the door?” “oh no my silly Babar I only leave it there Friday and Tuesday nights.” “oh well I suppose my head has a mind of its own, it will show up when its ready.” “oh goodness I do declare how preposterous of me! it is not my head I have lost for it was here the whole time. No no I am afraid it is my body that seems to have gone missing” “you mean it just grew legs and walked away?” “perhaps or maybe just slithered in its usual way” “no need to fret a quick trip to the store and I shall have another.”

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