Weirdly Plausible

Occasionally I find myself looking down, not at the ground, but at a strangers foot. From this you would assume I have an obsession of feet, but you are wrong. I prefer the foot bare, though a close toed shoe has the air of wonder and possibility of what could be. Why? Why must I look at someone’s foot? First you should know a small story about myself:

I am an avid runner — or was an avid runner — until I got a stress fracture on my right ankle. I am an extremely slow healer, so I had to stop running for over six months and had went to physical therapy, but nothing seemed to help my virtually non-existent fracture that caused me a lot of pain (you should see the x-rays if you don’t believe me). When six or so months crept by I quit therapy, threw away my brace and ran again. I sucked up the pain of my ankle like I sucked up the pain of my out-of-shape muscles and focused on the open road ahead. It was a liberating experience. My stress fracture never healed, but it is well off enough that I no longer notice the pain, instead I focus on my aching knees. That’s right my KNEES. 

You must be thinking I am starting to get side tracked.What does this have to do with feet? I promise I am almost to my point.

Why do all my bones and joints keep hating on me? I decided to figure out what am I doing wrong that keeps my body aching. I went to three people experienced on the topic and good ol’ Google. All my research led me to two possibilities that made more sense together than apart. The first conclusion: my knees point inward.

I am female. My body is made to carry infants, therefore my hips grew wider, but my legs stayed the same, therefore jutting my knees inward in order to compensate. This makes since, no? (Fun Fact: This logic is why most female gymnasts get more injuries after puberty)

The second conclusion: I walk funny. The arches of my feet are mostly touching the ground, therefore making my knees face inward as I walk, or RUN. Believe it or not, there is a correct way to walk.

You see, these conclusions lead toward the same idea. Do you understand now?

It is not your feet I am looking at, it is your ARCHES. I am not obsessed with them, but jealous that you walk with perfectly arched feet and I have to constantly remind myself not to shove my arches into the ground in order to not create an imbalance that make my knees ache and my bones fracture.

Though this issue is now two or three years old, I am still plagued with jealousy and painful knees.


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  1. Never really thought about arches. I suppose everyone suffers from some disadvantage or another. We just live with our shortcomings.

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