Who the fuck needs a title.

I used to write a lot. But I feel like I cant write anymore. I’m trying, I’m trying, but I have no fucking ideas. I don’t get inspired. I watch anime and play video games and think how the fuck did anyone come up with this? I’m frustrated with my life and my long distance relationship. Hes not doing anything wrong things are just routine and I’m tired of it. My mom died in october 2015 and I feel like the world has lost color and meaning. I’m tired of my life. I suffer from depression and borderline personality disorder. I haven’t been taking my meds. This is all over the place. I feel ugly and I’ve been gaining weight. The simplest tasks make me want to cry. Like getting out of bed. hopefully my entries will lighten up. I just need to write my thoughts somewhere.  I’m typing this as my boyfriend skypes me. I’m just angry and sad at the same time. I want to die but I dont have balls to commit suicide. It’s not a courageous thing. But you have to have enough will power and I don’t. I’m angry, I’m so fucking angry.

One thought on “Who the fuck needs a title.”

  1. I just read your other entry, “Shitty Person”. I like the way you write, so I decided to look at your other stuff. I hope you don’t mind my interjection and that I clarified sufficiently.
    I didn’t realize when I was reading the other one that you had BPD. I just thought to myself, “Damn, that sounds familiar.” My girlfriend of two years has BPD. And I guess not the same set of issues, but in effect, its pretty close. I wish I could explain everything to you but I don’t know if you would want that or not. Anyways, I like you. Not just your writing, but you.

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