My shoulders ache and hunch forward. My eyes blur and through the lenses everything seems hazy and blurry. Pulses beat timidly through the bottoms of my feet. My skin is practically screaming. I am so very, very physically tired.

Work has taken a lot out of me this week and the torture sessions are no where near over. I don’t know what’s worse when my body steps into methodical mode or when my brain checks out rendering me an imbecile. It’s brutal and defeating. I am scheduled for a 6 hour shift tomorrow and *sigh* that’s my short day.

Usually I’m endless energy and perky to a fault. Seems I’ve used it all up today. Faking being sincere isn’t as easy as it once was. Tomorrow will be an gorgeous day and I’ll be locked in my cage facing fierce scrutiny and feeling like a failure under it all. Maybe I’ll feel better after I sleep. Hard to close my eyes when my brain is spinning.

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