Fiddle dee dee


Cannot think of anything interesting to say…nothing heavy nor introspective.   I can say I’m feeling kind of happy and kind of positive…and kind of guilty about that, which is silly.  The guilt comes in when I think I should still be sad.  Thing is I am still sad but I’m not dwelling there for the moment.

Paid all the bills that were due and had a little change left over.  I haven’t been caught up in years…felt damn good.  Feels good with the overtime that I’m doing it myself.  I’m not sure if that is actually adulting or a 2 y ear old  “I do it!”

Goin’ to Red Lobster with baby bro tonight and looking forward to that.  Got a weekend trip planned for next month and a trip out west to visit a girlfriend in May.  Things are sort of lookikng up!

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