First day

Why am I so scared to lose you..?? Why do I always feel insecure about you..? Why can’t all your words ever make me believe that you truly love me and will never leave..??

I still remember the first day I texted you…it was 12.08 am at midnight…you were online..looked like the green dot  after your name  gave me the guts to text you first…never expected any reply from you..coz you were the guy every girl wants to date..handsome..cute ( ya i know you don’t like it when someone calls you cute 😛 ) and I was the silent one..sitting in the corner of the class, observing all the activities going around with the earphones plugged in…music was a sort of escape..still is..but then you replied..!! yes you did..!!! happiest moment.. 😀 coz I always wanted to talk to you..but then had to hold back coz I wanted you to initiate…the shy you..never even tried once ..  started loving your sense of humor..your sarcasm…talking to you started making my day..waited for you to be online..nonstop chats..god knows how many messages we exchanged in a day..!! tried so many sns for just a single person ..’you’..

Never thought you would become this special to me someday.. <3

2 thoughts on “First day”

  1. Aw how cute ^^ made me remember myself when i was in the same exaltation ))
    I hope your story will never end !! Good luck in your life :)))

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