Help I’m Alive

Dear Heart, 

I am sorry to our core

Of all the pain we have had to endure 

I know it never stops

There is always something mounting the top

And so the pile tumbles 

Then you rumble 

Squeezing in on yourself, turning to glass

Where you become black and fall to ash

The ash of mourning 

The ash is pouring

Down my throat

I can’t breathe, I choke

I can’t think, no thought 

I forget everything our body was taught

It does not get better

It only begins again, a new letter.


Dear Heart, 

Here we are again

Born from the ash, only ten 

Ten times now, over and over

Here we go, take cover

Never ending torment

I’m sorry I couldn’t change anything since the last one was sent

Same patterns, crumbling walls

I don’t even rebuild, they fall and fall and fall

Like you shrivel, they break

Too many pieces to remake

Ash to ash, dust to dust.


Dear Heart, 

We have been through so much 

Through the feeling and touch

The pain keeps on

I want it gone

You keep it flowing 

Every breath is slowing 

It hurts to be

I don’t like me

I don’t like us 

Let’s just be dust

Help, I’m alive.





One thought on “Help I’m Alive”

  1. This is good creative writing. A bit of advice. To change great creative writing into great poetry take out all the little words like “I”, and “and” go ahead and use it once or twice or so but try and take most of them little words out. But not a complain I mind you. I think it is good the way that it is I just see the potential to use a writing style most poets are not. Its a complement.

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