So I am a mother of 3 young boys, I love photography and scrap booking. That is and always has been me, which has never bothered anyone….until now. I have always enjoyed taking photos, especially of myself with my kids and boyfriend or of just the kids. Uploading photos of me and my family has ALWAYS been something I have done, as many other people in this world do. For some reason this morning though my boyfriend flipped out at me, told me I was obsessed with myself(which is far from the truth) because within the last week I have uploaded 2 photos of me with my kids….I even tagged him in the photos because they were photos we took and sent to him to say “Hi, dad!”. He said I was looking for attention, which is not even close to the truth! I got called a dumbass and got told to fuck off! I guess I am just confused as to why this would all of a sudden piss him off, especially since we woke up getting along. I literally woke up, took him coffee and breakfast in bed, rubbed his back and then got myself ready for work….then he comes upstairs and snaps on me? So very thrown off by all of this….I am exhausted. 

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  1. We didn’t really talk to much about it, but it kinda came and left just as quickly. I hope that these small and stupid fights get less and less! They are most def wearing me down.

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