Something new..

A band performed in our school earlier.. but we didn’t watched.. a lot of people who watched said it was fun.. we don’t have much classes this week.. but I think next week will be a bit busy.. so we enjoyed this week very much.. 

I got a new haircut today and I liked it and so does my friends.. they said that it suits me.. but I still have the split ends though.. I promised to take care of my hair now.. 

By the way.. I heard a sad news about our classmate the other day.. they said that she was admitted to the hospital.. I don’t know the reason exactly.. and now she have to undergo an operation.. I was scared for her.. thinking of operations makes me scared.. I want to visit her to see how is she doing.. maybe next week with our classmates we will.. 

I will really pray for her.. I hope she’ll be fine and she won’t have to undergo an operation.. 


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