The lone warrrior

Why lone warrior..?? well that’s because even when in a crowd, you stand all alone, trying to fight the thoughts rushing in your mind and not letting it choke you, you emerge as the warrior..the survivor.. what I feel is there’s a tough unknown, unseen battle I am fighting in within myself all alone with no one by my side..I can’t share my thoughts with anyone cause they won’t understand it..and the one whom I expect to, doesn’t give a damn to even listen about it..So I have chosen this platform to unleash my thoughts..I have risen, evolved and today, I stand a lot stronger than who I was a year before..People who stood by me back then are gone..And now many new faces are added in my life..but no one can give the feeling that I used to have..I miss that..the feeling..the moments..I wish I could travel back and make better choices..

everyone is a warrior in their own way and no one can deny that…some fight back and some just quit thinking there’s no hope to it… but as the saying goes, there’s a silver lining after every dark cloud…

One thought on “The lone warrrior”

  1. To survive is not enough, for an animal yes but not for a human. Surviving is its own form of death. To survive with out living. You have to live not just survive. Don’t let survival become your affliction.

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