What’s happening to me??

I don’t know what’s going on with me these past 3 weeks, I’m not concentrating on anything and barely putting effort into the things I do, do. My driving is the worst atm, instead of improving I’m going backwards. I’ve had about 3 near death experiences, but today I could of taken away 4+ lives…how? 

I was driving like normal, I think I must of dazed off and didn’t see that the tram had stopped, I was going 60km, I reached about half the tram until I made a full stop and people were coming out… Thank god no one got hurt but if I didn’t stop I would of killed those people, it’s been 3 hours since it happened and all I can remember is that moment repeating in my head over and over. 

All I want to do right now is just curl up and cry endless because all these thoughts and flashbacks of things not just of what happened today are not leaving my head and I’m over thinking to much about stuff and no one is here for me, I have no shoulder to cry on and no one to speak too, I guess I’ll always be lonely because it feels like that now and it’s been like that for a while. 

2 thoughts on “What’s happening to me??”

  1. Oh babe, you’re going to be okay. You’re going through a rough patch but it’ll pass. Just be careful. Make sure you sleep enough. Enjoy the weather! It’s lovely outside this season. You have us strangers on the internet to comfort you!

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