2 hour shower?

Wait… I have free time today? I actually have time to sit down and write? Is this a dream? Well let me keep writing so this dream doesn’t end.

So to start off I must say that my day was hectic. It all started last night but it wasn’t as bad last night. I think I got home at 11:30 last night after everything; so it wasn’t that bad. I got to bed at like 12:30 so for a Saturday night it’s not bad. Actually that’s a lie because I usually go to bed at 10 on a Friday night unless I have plans.

I thought that I didn’t have to wake up till 8am but guess whose parents made them get up at 6:30? MINE! I was so tired because I messed up my sleeping schedule the night before and then I expected to get a decent amount of sleep but nope. I continue to get up early on the weekend. I have to do the same tomorrow for work, but moving on with today. I decided to get some caffeine so I went to Starbucks and got a white chocolate mocha with an extra shot of expresso. It was so good. I love the fact that my Starbucks opens at like 6am so I can go before school if I want. So I got to my church at around seven and just chilled and talked peacefully with the people that were awake. We were given to options to spend the night last night but that’s not going to work with me because I didn’t have my hammock and I wasn’t staying somewhere without it. I love early in the morning when the birds are still chirping and everything is peaceful. That is the type of mornings I strive to have but rarely do actually have. It only happens on vacations or something like that.

Okay, moving on. We had to deliver Boston butts to people so me and my dad left and delivered them. We got back and they had made ribs so we ate them while trying to work and it was chaotic. Even while I was eating I had to run around and helped. I didn’t get a single chance to sit down and fully relax. Everything started to end at 1 so I went and sat in the car to wait on my mom so we could drive home. It was in the 80’s today and I went to go get in the car. Guess whose mom waited 30-45 minutes talking with other people. I sat in that blistering hot car for half an hour while she talked. She could have told me that she was going to be some time but I guess not.

So I got home and decided to take a shower because I smelled like straight up grease from the pork. It was so nice to get a shower after being dirty the entire day. I seriously love my showers but this one was easily one of the best I have taken just because going from smelling like grease to smelling really good is awesome. So I took around a 2 hour shower just because I was tired and nobody else was home. My mom was outside and my brothers were gone so I took an extra-long shower. Usually my showers only really last an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. But anyways that’s that. I had a blast and tomorrow is the coffee date with friends after work so it has been a pretty swell weekend.

I think that is all for today. I will keep yall updated as I continue with my journey through life.

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