Also, whoops.

 I still hang out with one of my exes. One time I logged to my fb on his phone. Well, the messenger settings were set in away that downloads pictures from the messenger automatically without even loading them fully. My ex told me just yesterday, he has all these pictures of me and my current boyfriend on his phone from the trips I’ve made to see him. Our bodies were under the covers but you could tell we were nude. Like after sex pictures. I was like “Oh yea. Your phone did a thing.” I wasn’t embarrassed. He was upset and said he didn’t need to see that (long story short, he’s still in love with me. I’ll write about it another day.) I fixed it so that  he shouldn’t be receiving anything from my account. I had also forgot to sign out of the messenger on his phone. But deal with it dude, you were my first not my last. But to me it was like whatever. I had told my boyfriend what happened and I heard his heart sink.

“Oh god…” He says.
“Relax. There was no dick in said pictures.” I reassure him.
“I just don’t want him to have anything to discredit me…” He said, heart slowly rising.
“Listen, Linda, calm down.” (you ever watch that video with the three year old calling his mom by her first name, Linda? I call people Linda because of that.)

I’m kind of a bitch so I found the whole situation humorous. The boys? Not so much… *Shrugs shoulders*

Also, I am aware the picture for this entry and the song are from two different animes.

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  1. Yes I get the reference. Good good.
    I can understand why they would both be uncomfortable but it’s nobody’s fault and yeah, you shouldn’t be embarrassed. But it’s always important that people try to understand and accommodate for one another’s feelings.

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