Goodbye From The Other Side

If I ran into you, I’d try not to look at you. I’d just keep going about my business and give you that glare of mine that makes you feel like I’m looking right through you. It’s not that you aren’t worth my time of day. Simply put… I’ve moved on.

Bet you didn’t expect that out of me? Honestly what’s the point of even thinking about you and me? There’s literally nothing there. You were just the first one to know it. All you were and are to me, is ideal, an addiction, a fixation. I guess it took everything out of me to realize that the person I thought I could love forever was done. I get it. I suck. I was wrong. No room in you for forgiveness. My worst error of all, was that I couldn’t let you go. Sorry for thinking the world of you. Shoulda known better, but I was young.

Funny thing is I use to imagine bumping into you again. Let you see how different I am. Play coy. Little dirty girl all grown up. Fantasy is futile and I’ve no time for your ghost.

So goodbye. Let your name crumble into the wind. I hope I never see you again. No hard feelings, my first love. I’m in a good place and I don’t like complications. I’m done testing people to the brink of their devotion. I have something pure, something unconditional, something better than you.

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