Honestly, these days…I’m getting flashbacks… from the past

and it’s making my head hurt

A lot of mistakes and bad memories

But in the same time good memories

It’s mixed

How I have changed

Brave to coward

Friendly to shy

Extrovert to introvert

it changed so fast 

and I notice that I changed since I step my feet into high school life (Wow…my grammar)

It’s hard for me to open up with new people in my class

I only have a few friends and even though my childhood friend are in the same class as me ..we didn’t talk much and it’s awkward when we talk …


How did this happen?

It feels like just yesterday I’m that brave and friendly girl and after that, I’m turning into this coward and a loser. 

I wonder what will happen to me in the future?

God, please blessed me. 

=_= I should sleep now….







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