Misbalance but thats ok

What i noticed firstly today was the weather radically differenced from my mood.  In the morning I had an additional class in Skills ( we call it simple math which is made of solving problems using math tricks ) 

last night i was working till 1 am and even through i got tired so much it felt nice to know i completed it wholly. And today as i came back home and traditionally went on working in history it started to rain outside.. 

The rain was raining….





and hearing raindrops falling on my window really made me feel excited . 

The rain’s sound outside..

lots of work inside ..at home..

even more thoughts in my mind

really misbalance anyway..

the weather was crying and it felt sad but i couldn’t be sad either…

whenever i see that my work and studies arent lost and it stays in my brain forever I feel so happy and even more determined..

just who cares about my studies :dd 

but thats all what makes me strong, what makes my life interesting and all what entertains me …anyway…

gonna go on it)): 



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