SD1 – Right or wrong and who’s missing out…

Right and wrong.  There seems to be a lot of thought on being one or the other instead of “anything is possible.”  

My spiritual belief system, for most of my life has been barried deep down.  We had a stand off. Well it was waiting, I was ignoring.  

I’m learning more now about different beliefs and thoughts out there and I’m finally coming into my own sense of spiritual self – it feels really great. 

What gets me is that no matter which way you slice it – there are always people who think they are right and everyone else is wrong.  I get so down right exhausted by this and just wonder “when will we ever learn”.  Because even the most basic acceptance of this – begins and creates the divide of “them” vs “us”, “you” “I”.  Right.  Wrong.  

I am still a closet case reincarnation believer – it just makes sense to me.  Since learning and investigating this further, I can say that many quircks, fears, or issues I have had for many many years – are resolving themselves.  

I met some folks after attending an event discussing past lives.  It was really nice to talk with other folks who were learning about the same stuff.  I noticed that most of us had one thing in common – the lack of openness in which we could freely discuss our belief system with those closest to us.  I had the most people of all who I could share it with.  

One gal said something along the lines of “guess the joke’s on them?” upon passing and learning we are still around and can have another life for those non-believers.  

I followed up with, “No, I don’t really think that way.”

I think there are many possibilities out there.  I also don’t ever want to push my way of thinking or my belief system as the end all  be all or only option.  Because hell if I know that’s the truth.  Sure, for a while I’ve been thinking others’ who haven’t discovered this are by chance missing out — but a thought occurred to me today. 

What if they aren’t missing out?  If their path, destiny, fate, or whatever is already at play, then is there something to be missing by not walking in line with me?  No.  Absolutely not. Because they have to walk in their own light, line, path, whatever.  

I’ve gotten a lot of peace with venturing down this road of reincarnation – which I’ll get into on another post.  But I think that’s the point.  Peace.  Feeling at one with yourself. Feeling free enough to live your own life for yourself.  Feeling secure enough to love and give – to yourself and all those around you.  To be open to the endless possibilities of the miracles in life and within ourselves, and the energy of everything that is. 

And if you get that peace from Sunday sermons, jammin’ at a rock concert, working at a soup kitchen, or running on a brisk morning day, it doesn’t really matter if we are on different pages.  The peace within each of us binds us together with common joy and spirit.

If abundance is about abundance, I believe there really could be a lot of different kinds of existence for many of us–maybe aetheists really don’t come back for a 2nd go round. Maybe some people really do go to Heaven, Hell or Purgatory.  Maybe some of us play on the mary go round until the last possible second before sunset.  

Maybe we are regenerated into something so entirely different after passing that it feels so foriegn and unrelated that there’s no way to concept the former existance of our human self. 

I don’t really know and that’s the beauty of it.  I’m OK with that.  I’m also OK with believing in loving, giving, open ways of life or worship that provides you or anyone else with peace.  I don’t have to be right.  You don’t have to be right.  For each other.  Only for ourselves.  

Because ultimately, what makes you feel at ease, safe, and content is what matters.  So it is to me as well.  I don’t think anyone is missing out when they find the peace that works for them. 

What we both may miss out on, however, is joyous communion of being respectively unique and in the same place all at once by letting go of right and wrong to just be with one another.  

Lets stop letting ourselves miss out on things – find what brings you peace and joy, walk through the buffet of life and choose what works for you.  Leave the rest for those who need it.  





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