Its really nice to know that there are people who reads and likes my posts.. thanks to all of the people who reads my journals everyday! I really do appreciate it a lot.. few nights ago.. a friend from here told me that my posts are ‘somehow interesting’..  and I don’t believed her.. I thought she was just being polite.. and tonight someone told me to continue writing journals.. 

I really think that my journals are just nothing.. I just write whatever I want to.. I never thought of it as positive and motivating.. thank you guys for letting me know that(you know who you are 😉).. really.. it means a lot.. 

I am currently watching a movie right now.. I am not really paying attention coz let’s just say I’m a bit distracted.. and I’m writing this at the same time.. but I get the story.. and it’s sad.. it’s about survival.. it is based on true events.. they are trapped in a mine 2000 feet below the ground.. and they are running out of food.. they mix the canned goods in the water just to make it enough for all of them.. and there are 33 of them.. they just eat 1 times per day.. and you cannot even call it a meal.. they lasted there for more than 2 months.. they’are all alive but most are sick.. in the 17th day.. a drill reached them.. but it can’t get them out yet.. rescuers can only send them supplies and everything else they want and need.. they had communication through phone and video calls.. so they are able to talk with their families.. they are all losing hope.. but they all got out in the end.. 😢

I’ll watch it again next time.. and I’ll pay attention.. 



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