Where all the Real Men at?

Please help me understand…

Where are the old fashioned men in JHB? The men who take the time to call instead of text? Who find the time to give you their attention or just let you know you are thought of? 

Who still take a lady out on a date and do their best to make it special for her?

All this “hooking up”, “situationships”, “no feelings” nonsense is just so wrong….

I tried it to see what it is all about and what a disaster! There isnt even any real conversation, just straight into how he’d like to do this and that to me, but no feelings hey! Big No No… 

I cant be intimate with someone and not have any feelings! There has to be something right?

What really annoys me is how easily I attract men with just one look at me he has already decided I will definitely be hooking up and giving him some…. Uh I think not hey! 

I come from a time when you approached me and made conversation, you charm me, flirt with me, offer to take me on a date… Those things matter! 

And we wonder why so much is going wrong in the world…. Living the lifestyles of a new generation will only end in disaster one day, humanity has lost the fundamentals of what make us who we are…

If men of the old skool still exist please stand up and be counted! 

I salute you! 

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