Woman who is trying to be better, do better and have better….

God please bless me….

I know what is meant for me will never miss me and that which misses me was not meant for me….


I try everyday to be better, I dont always get it right, but I am trying… I have so much going on in my head and mostly its worry that I am going to stay stuck in this way of life, not being able to move forward and have better for my children and myself.

They deserve so much better, I pray so much that one day I can provide them with the good that Life has, they will not have the upbringing I did, they will live like “normal” children do….

I will do what I have to, but a Good Life will be lived, 

I will not allow this feeling of failure as a mother deter me from working for them and giving it all I can, I will never stop trying, eventually I have to succeed! 

God please help me, be with me, give me strength, You are the best of givers, I place my trust in You, You know best….

Keep my babies safe, protect them, guide them, I may not always have it all under control but I have faith that You are with them always….


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