Day 16 – Good day

Saturday, March 12th 2016

Today was good! It’s officially March break so I can sleep in from now on, even though sleeping in according to my body is waking up at 8:00 am and not being able to go back to sleep without having passed my sleeping quota.

I woke up and got ready quickly enough since my mom wanted to go shopping. I planned to go to Hot Topic to get a few shirts that interested me such as a Batman hoodie and a Ravenclaw shirt, but they didn’t have what I want and the Ravenclaw shirts I was unsure of. But I did get a couple of “more feminine” (quote by mom, I often wear hoodies and Doctor Who/Pokemon shirts) tops.

We later went to a restaurant and although it took us almost two hours to get in, it was worth the wait. The fajitas were sooo good and the chocolate brownie too. Everything is fresh there, it’s called Barley Mow, if you’re close to Ottawa. They’re always busy, I’m surprised they haven’t made more restaurants, unless they did and I’m not aware of it.

Now I’m home and I think I might actually write a little of Mercurius’s story. She ended up being a very intelligent character, very observant too (Ravenclaw), but the problem is she’s fragile physically (one punch and she’s on her knees) and she’s easily manipulated, even though she’s aware of it, and because of that she might be talked into being a Death Eater. She’s also part metamorphmagus, but can only change her eyes, but I don’t know if that’s too much, so I might not make her that, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter all that much because I might not end up writing and I never share my stories, only read them to my best friend. I like to start a story and I like to write scenes, but I’ve never tried to complete one.

That’s all for today.

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