My exams are coming ..everyday i have one less day left and it seems to me that i lose chance . The whole year flied so soon and i wanna be very well ready May i have exams for school diploma and at the end of June __entrance exams… Just i decided to work harder and finally wake up !!!! No more ipad, no more useless talking , or any other distractions!! 

Tomorrow i will wake up at 6.30 and study till 8.00 (before school) and as soon as i come back i will work hard till the end of the day! I see only 4-5 hours arent enough and i need more time , so i’m gonna be like robot or better like Martin Iden, as i already wrote about it….

well i posted it as a promise that tomorrow i will really get up earlier.. I’m lazy so much and it’s hard for me to get up early when it’s cold at home and outside (in summer it’s no problem) but i know my bad results will be much more hard to face up i gotta do something to avoid it. 

I promise i will !!! 

Tomorrow i will come and tell that i really did )) 

encourage me ^^ 

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