Earlier I was in really really bad mood.. coz of my brother.. I just want to disappear in this house and be in my own world.. but oh.. I remembered.. I don’t own a world.. but now I’m good..

I was chatting with a bunch of nice strangers.. they’re nice to talk to.. I feel comfortable talking to them.. they’re so friendly.. I never thought that I would be close to them right away.. 

Tomorrow is Monday again.. ohhh.. classes… but it’s OK.. I get to see my friends anyway.. I’m always late these past weeks.. I got used to it and it’s hard to change it.. but I’ll try my best not to..

We’ll be doing the scrap book tomorrow.. last Friday I told myself that I would start doing it by weekends but I didn’t.. I forgot.. and I don’t feel like doing anything.. 

I hope our teacher will let us finish it at home.. coz I don’t feel like doing it at school.. 

Smile. Stay strong. Have faith. 

Thanks for reading this!


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