Sunday at the Nursing Home

On Sundays, whenever possible, my mom (age 92) and I go visit local nursing homes and I play hymns for them to sing.  I play “Old time favorites” like Love Lifted me, I’ll fly Away, I’ve got a Mansion, —-things you’ve probably never heard of.  Old hymns.  They like those best.  Today someone made announcement that Hazel died yesterday, a large black woman who loved to sing with us. She had been too sick to join us for a long while.  But her favorite hymn was Jesus Loves Me, so we sang that in her honor.  That was my Sunday.  Besides that Matthew (age 14) lay in the floor at church using my jacket for a pillow and slept for about 45 minutes in church today.  (smile)  Life is good.

5 thoughts on “Sunday at the Nursing Home”

  1. Honey you brought tears to my eyes. This is such a valuable ministry. I’m with Bloody Tea I love “I’ll fly away” but I love all of them. The nursing home where mom was had a church service at 9:00 every Sunday. A lovely middle aged couple came and sang southern gospel and then of course there were old time hymns that we all sang. They always finished with “Jesus Loves me” One of my precious last memories is holding hands with my mama and singing that. It meant so much to me that it was one of the hymns I requested for her Funeral Mass.
    I LOVE that you and your mom do this. Reminds me it’s time my fog cleared and I started paying visits to Homewood again.

  2. I’ll never forget hearing a resounding acoustic version of “How Great Thou Art” at my mom’s Episcopal church. It truly moved me and my now deceased sister. I always think of her when I think back to that moment.
    Beautiful thing you do – singing with the resident’s at the nursing home.

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