Trigger Warnings: Not Just a Feminazi Joke

    So, for several years now, there has been this on-running joke about trigger warnings. Many groups from 4chan have spent hours mocking them, even going as far as spamming triggering pictures in tags on Tumblr and Instagram. As funny as it may seem to upset someone, triggers are no joke. As a matter of fact, depending on someone’s mental state, triggers can even be life threatening. 

     Say someone’s trigger is blood(this is actually something that triggers me in real life). They go under a tag like, “feminism”, and they see images of graphic violence. Even if they exit out of the page, before they saw anything else that could trigger them, depending on the content and the person’s mental stability, this could trigger a flashback or an urge to harm one’s self or others(mine is harming myself).

     I know many people tend to get defensive if a person even brings up something triggering them, because they view it as censorship. However, the last thing I would want is someone to censor themselves. As a matter of fact, I admire your humor so much, that I challenge you to broaden your jokes and find more ways to piss people off. The only I ask is to be courteous of others chemical imbalances in their brain and instead make fun of something someone can control. Even if that means calling me a man-hating, bra burning lesbian. 





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