Whaaaaa -o, Amber is the color of your energy

It started from the moment Deedee could put crayon to paper. She delighted in drawing all the splendour of her world. After coating my fridge in her 18 month old drawings, I made a startlingly revelation. Deedee always drew people and animals with a secondary outside outline. She’d shade the areas in between her subject with a very specific color code. Whenever she drew a picture of me, sure enough there’d be this brownish green outline around my figure.

When she was older, I was able to get to the bottom of this mystery. Deedee sees auras. If she were to look at you, she’d see colored lights emitting from all around you. Every person has their own specific color.

Upon my initial awakening, I did not see in terms of what Deedee sees. I could see a light around living beings with maybe a tinge of color, most tinged towards gold or blue.

What Deedee sees so deeply is the energy that you are made of. You emit a color scheme of light all around you, whether you see it or not. Now, I see it too, but not as spectacular as Deedee sees it. It’s not as defined.

Did you know dear reader that when you write I FEEL how you feel, not what you say and from afar I can pick up traces of your aura. What’s in your heart is no secret to me. While you write cryptic poetry or write a short paragraph about your day… I, Ianna see the depths of your very soul.

You’ve been warned. However, fear not. Tis not my place to speak on your behalf. You be you and I’ll be me.

Whaa O, Amber is the color or energy

Oh and incase you were wondering, mine is green with a very golden yellow light.

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