400 Words

First off, I would just like to say: Lee Paysour, I salute you.

Also Observant Bystander, I salute you as well.

And like, Christopher MacNeil, props to you for writing every single day since like. Months and months ago. You’ve been on this site for like forever. Honestly, you deserve an award or something.

In fact, all of you people deserve awards, because you guys actually have the ability to write every day, and not slack off and skip days and weeks, like I do.

I have tried to adhere to that “write something every single day” rule that I made for myself a bajillion years ago but I just…cannot. I cannot. For some reason or other, I cannot. Either the power goes out (which it has, for the past week, because people are fixing the power lines), or I have to go out (I mean go outdoors not…die or something), or my mind blanks, or I just figure “what the hell” and don’t post anything. God. Sometimes I feel bad and I write half a page in my paper journal, but sometimes I’m so lazy that I don’t even do that. And then I feel hella guilty because I’m supposed to be trying to become a better writer, and, you know, write stuff every day, for practice.

I mean, I’m trying to write at least 400 words a day. It’s a goal I saw on the internet, that’s supposed to be an easy way to kickstart your writing. 400 words doesn’t sound hard, I guess, but I don’t know…I just have nothing to write about.

Honestly though, this is probably because I do nothing every day. I am currently being homeschooled so, I can’t sit down and write “today I did blah blah blah at school”. I have no friends here, so I can’t say “today I did these things with my buddies” either. I have N O T H I N G to say.

Like, Lee and Observant Bystander can just say “okay so today this thing happened and then this thing happened and then I had homework and there was also a test” and so on to infinity and b e y o n d. But what the heck am I going to do? Like, “today I woke up and worked on my SAT practice tests and my SAT II Chemistry tests and then I…did nothing…and then…I went to bed and then I woke up and worked on my SAT practice tests…”

Because every day here is the same. I don’t go out–have no way of going out, in fact, because I cannot drive and anyway there’d be nowhere to go if I could (not that I’d want to drive anyway, because I think it’s kind of terrifying)–and I don’t exactly do anything very exciting indoors either. My life is boring. I mean, I’m also kind of a boring indoor person anyway, so there’s that too.

But the good news is, I think I got at least 300 words down today, so yay me. Hopefully I’ll have some more stuff to write in a second, in my paper journal.

Have a good Monday (who are we kidding, Mondays suck and so do Tuesdays), and stay awesome.

4 thoughts on “400 Words”

  1. Ah hey most of us have boring lives! The boring aspect is why I don’t write every day! However I’ve read several of your entries and I enjoy reading them. I mean truly it’s the mundane that is sometimes of interest to the rest of us…it’s the simple reality that keeps our lives humming. Sometimes my dear too much excitement is not a good thing! Keep writing…keep striving.

  2. Hey! It was funny how Lee just sent me a message like “Read PrettyInBlack’s new journal” which was completely unrelated to the topic we were talking about.

    And hey! I might write journals everyday, but I have a pretty boring life too. It’s March break now so my next entry will basically be my opinion on something because all I did was sit at my computer and watch Doctor Who and Harry Potter Crack!Vids.

    But I had your entry go through a word counter and you have over 500 words. 400 words is definitely something you can do. I’m expecting in the future for me to write like “I didn’t do much today. Move along. That’s all for today.”, because not everyone has something interesting in their lives every single day. It’s fine if you have nothing to write about, it’s completely normal.

    I also salute you for trying. Even though you don’t always post, you always have very interesting entries to read and I find that awesome, compared to mine who are often boring cause nothing really interesting happened.

    And for finding topics to talk about when you have nothing in your day that was interesting, just make a list whenever you feel inspired and in the future when you don’t know what to write, take away from that list. That’s what I’m planning to do.

    *PS: I did not only comment because of Lee, I read your entries, you’re one of the four I do read, just saying.

    PS 2: I’m not, he’s lying. Don’t listen to him.

  3. Starting off your journal with my name was an excellent way to get me to read it. Let me just say that your content is very much interesting and you are one of the few that I actually read. Today was actually my 60th journal in a row. I think it just takes motivation. I actually have no motivation but just writing makes me somewhat happy and the relief of posting something each day is somehow satisfying. I try to do 500-1200 a day. Some days (like today) I lack a little bit. I don’t know exactly how many words I had but it wasn’t as much as I have done just because I don’t have a lot to write about. If you want, we can trade writing ideas. Btw, observant bystander only commented because of me. But yea, just message me and I can help you sometime.
    I actually have a boring life. I go to school and come back home only to have tons of homework. I guess that’s exciting and deserves and award. Lol jk, but I seriously support you because I know how hard it can be some days. Good luck with the rest of your journals!

    (PS: don’t listen too the above comment because she is lying.)

    (PS: who are you really going to listen too? I think we all know i’m more trustworthy than her.)

  4. Not having something interesting to tell everyday does not make your life boring! For example, I consider my life complicated as hell at the moment, but there are plenty of days where I get up, take the train to work, do experiments, eat, do experiments again, get home and spend the evening on the couch with my daughter. Nothing to write about here. Don’t force yourself to write if you do not feel like it. It’s not like you have to do homework to learn a new language or something of that sort.
    However, I see your point. I also notice those people’s entries and am amazed and happy that they write so regularily, but then, I was just like them once. I was young and going through a very bad phase in my life and felt like bursting when I didn’t find the time to write everyday. The motivation to write was so strong, the words came all by themselves. Guys, I don’t say that by writing everyday I consider you to be depressed or broken, I’m just saying that for some people or during some times, it happens all by itself. And that’s how it should be, because then writing is more than just a goal you set to yourself. When I was finally getting better back then, I still felt like I should write everyday and keep my readers updated. But then, I also noticed that on some days I simply had nothing to say. I kept writing anyway, but it felt forced and so do the texts I produced. I regret not listening to myself, and just forcing words out because I felt like I had to.
    Well, long story short, I basically want to say: relax. We won’t forget about you just because you don’t give us daily updates. 😉

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