Happy Pi day! I’ll celebrate with a slice of chocolate cream…..

Such a lovely weekend. Spring for sure. I found crocuses in bloom in my back yard. I showed them to D and she got as excited as I did. Love that girl! 

Today is my niece’s birthday. She is my sister’s only daughter. This is her first birthday without her mom. I know how sad she must be. She is away on foreign study – so there is that distraction. And FB pics indicate she is surrounded by new friends. I so want to hug her and tell her how much I love her. She resents me – at least that has been her feelings toward me since her mother died 10 months ago. I can’t say that I blame her. I’m here. Her mother is not. All I can do is tell her I love her and I’m here for her.

H is away for work this week. S slept with us last night because he said he was sad that daddy was going away. Still such a little boy. D was up with H and 4:30 this morning as he was leaving. Such a cutie. She wanted to say good bye to him. The kids usually give him some little trinket of theirs to keep during his trips. He loves that. He usually asks them to take care of his pillows – and they do – they snuggle with them every night.

I ran 12 miles this weekend in preparation for the 1/2 marathon coming up in 3 weeks. It was a really good run. One of those days that I was “on”. I hope to feel that good on race day. During the last few miles of my run I chose a family member or friend to think about solely during that mile. It helps pass the time. I thought of H, my mom, a dear friend, my sister, my kids.

I am blessed and grateful.   


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  1. Ah mama…sorry for you; sorry for your niece I know how much you want to reach out to her and she’s not ready. Thank you for all your kind words. I love reading your blog. I am so NOT a runner (but then I am an old broad) but my daughter-in-law runs. Gotta gt back to true crime before the dragon comes back! but am gonna read some more of your posts later!

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