Day 18 – Dreams are fascinating

Monday, March 14th 2016

Nothing eventful happened today, so I thought I might talk about dreams.

I find dreams fascinating, that’s why I’m interested in psychology as well. It’s incredible to me how your mind can create such a big world without you being conscious. I remember a few dreams I had for example, where I went into a rocket ship with Darth Vader (dreams are weird) and I saw out the window a wide, open planet filled with snow, a lighthouse and so on. In more detail I dreamed of a temple and how it was like a maze before Sherlock came and kidnapped me (yup, like I said, dreams are weird).

I’m fortunate enough to be lucid a lot of the time. Because of that, ever since I was young, I trained myself to fly in my dreams. When I was younger, I used to flap my arms to fly, but with years of practice, I can now fly with just my mind. It brought me to the conclusion that dreams are like a second world to me that simply changes every night, unless you have a reoccurring dream.

It’s because of this that I have been keeping a dream journal ever since—the beginning of ninth grade? So over a year. I’m going to share one (but with grammar fixes, since I write it right when I wake up so I don’t forget). Before I do, it’s weird feeling when you read them and don’t remember the dream. Oh, and I recommend keeping one, because it helps you remember dreams and become lucid in your dreams more often, sometimes they become very vivid, so much in fact I had a dream Canada was at war and I was in the car, saying how real the car felt.

Anyway, here’s a nightmare I love to share with people that was the result of being into creepy pasta for 7th and 8th grade :

I once was in front of my parking lot, alone at night. The car wasn’t there, giving me a good view of the other side of the street. A woman with long blonde hair was pushing a pink stroller on the other side of the street on the sidewalk (but I don’t have a sidewalk there) until she noticed I saw her and abandoned her baby, running after me with a knife. I woke up before she could touch me, but she was still inches away from my face. I then went back to sleep again, the same scenario playing. This time the woman was already running after me and it was an Asian woman with long, but shorter black hair. I woke up, annoyed, but went back to sleep. This time it was the same Asian woman as before, but two headed and was already halfway towards me. I woke up again, very annoyed at this happening over and over, but I went back to sleep anyway. It was still night time, but this time I was in my parent’s room, facing the front street, which doesn’t make sense since my room is the one that faces the front street. My brother was playing with my cousin on his computer and my parents said they’re going to bed, so they left for the bathroom or something. I looked out the window to the front street—Bad. Idea. The blonde woman from the first time was there and then that’s when I realized I was in a nightmare and must back away. So I looked away to the dark corner of the room and there she was. She ran after me, but I woke up before she could touch me. This time I was done and I didn’t care if I was thirteen, I went to slept in my parent’s bed, since it always stop nightmares. I wasn’t exactly scared afterwards, it’s just waking up over and over was annoying since you couldn’t sleep.

That’s all for today.

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