Eternity Slumber

Look at the end, do you see what I see ?

Can you look at yourself, and tell me you how feel?

There is so much I want to say, but not enough time to tell.

Please friend, don’t forget about me.

Remember the laughs, and the times we cried.

Don’t you remember the nights we laid side by side.

Come and find me, you know where I lay.

Don’t forget about me.

As I look away, and my vision fades, the world starts to go away.

Night is day, and black is white, but does it even matter.

I remember you now, and way before when you walked away.

Let’s go back to the way things were, but I know it’s all a lie.

The life I lived never happened at all, everything was just a dream.

I wake up with nothing, no heart and no soul.

I want nothing more than to see that smile.

But I know it never existed.

Why do this to me, you sweet, sorrowful angel.

My bliss is nothing, and my love is pain.

I leave now for eternal slumber.

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