Get a job!

Well here we go again. Let me start off with my day. I woke up this morning and waited on my bus. I guess something was wrong with it because it was twenty minutes late. There was a crap ton of fog today so that might possibly be the problem that occurred today. I got to school and just read until Skylar and Megan got there and when they got there we just talked.

Okay I’m just going to stop there because that was literally boring the living poop out of me and I feel bad for the people that just read that. I’m just going to ask somebody what I should write about and hopefully that works out.

I just realized that I haven’t played my piano in ages. I play the schools grand piano every so often but I haven’t touched mine. I kind of miss it. I love the beautiful sounds that you are able to create with the piano and I love the genres that you can play. Like you can have like really upbeat party music or you can have slow sad music. I prefer to play slow sad music just because I think it sounds better. My brother plays guitar. I say he plays guitar but he hasn’t picked it up in literally months. He knows absolutely nothing on it and it just sits in his bedroom. I might buy it from him sooner or later. That would be better than letting it sit and absorb dust when it could actually be played. Or he could sell it to a kid who wants to take up guitar. It’s a nice guitar and I don’t believe there is anything wrong with it. It is just never touched.

So I’m planning on getting a job but the bad part is when I get a job I would have to ask for 5 weeks off during the summer. So I’m scared that when I get a job they won’t let me have those weeks off and I would have to quit because those trips are already paid for. So there are upsides and downsides to getting a job. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for sure. I think I will get a job and just see what happens. Hopefully I won’t have to quit but I will if it comes down to it.

Philippians 1:6- being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Well that’s all for today. It’s a short journal just because I didn’t have a whole lot to talk about and my day was just like any other week day. I will keep yall updated as I continue with my journey through life.

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  1. I love playing slow sad songs on my piano. Moon light sonata is my favorite.

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