its not fake to have a filter and some people need one.

     I often hear people saying they have no filter and will say whatever they want because there not fake. Its not being “fake” its called being a mature adult with morals and values… Not sure how you people were raised but where I come from if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. Sure if you need to stand up for your self to a bully or something that you believe in that’s one thing. However if you are just going around being rude and hurting feelings then try and keep that to your self. Sometimes I make a mistake and say something rude and not even notice and if it is pointed out to me I will apologize no problem. Accidents happen but there is no good reason to be hurtful and mean on purpose. And further more even if you were not raised to use curtesy and respect as a grown adult you should be able to use basic human sense and figure it out. Its not rocket science to be nice to others. Also the people I always hear saying this never say things with tact. For example there is a difference between saying privately to some one “Hey I just thought you should know your makeup is not blended very well and it is obvious.” and then there is this out loud in front of others, ” your face doesn’t match your neck!”  see what I mean you can say the same thing nicely or you could be very hurtful. So just because you “don’t have a filter because you are not fake” does not give you a free pass to be an ass!

and that’s my rant for the day, lol off my soap box now.

By the way this entry is not about anyone in particular its just something I hear a lot that really annoys me.

2 thoughts on “its not fake to have a filter and some people need one.”

  1. Indeed great rant and I totally agree. So much of that nastiness out there these days in the bogus name of being “real, transparent or honest.” People use those excuses for bad behavior.

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